February 27, 2020 – San Jose, CA – Machinechat, a provider of ready-to-deploy IoT data management solutions, today announced its support for the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s 2020 Coolest Projects USA event to be held on March 7, 2020 at the Discovery Cube Orange County in Santa Ana, California.


“As the provider of the world’s easiest to use Raspberry Pi data visualization and monitoring software, Machinechat is committed to supporting Raspberry Pi Foundation’s mission of making computing and digital technologies accessible to everyone,” said E.E. Wang, Machinechat chief marketing officer.


Wang continued: “The Coolest Projects USA event is a way to encourage young inventors and makers to pursue their passion and aligns perfectly with Machinechat’s corporate mission to create tools that make it easier for today and tomorrow’s developers to bring their ideas to life. We are delighted to support this event and look forward to future opportunities to extend our reach and support of the Raspberry Pi development community.”  


About Coolest Projects USA

Coolest Projects USA is a world-leading annual technology fair where young innovators are given the opportunity to showcase their creations. The event inspires and rewards innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, and technology skills. Hosted by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, Coolest Projects USA is open to all young people 18 and under residing in the United States. For more information, go to


About Machinechat

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Machinechat’s mission is to be the leading supplier of ready-to-deploy network-integrated data management solutions for IoT projects. Leveraging software-defined networking principles, Machinechat’s easy-to-use and affordable solutions enable IoT solution architects, developers and networking OEMs to quickly and securely connect and direct data from new and existing IoT sensors and machines to existing cloud and enterprise-based applications without the need to alter existing machine hardware or firmware or learn additional programming languages. To learn more, go to

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