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The Secret of Turning Your Raspberry Pi Into An IoT-based Monitoring Server In 30 Minutes (or less)

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to set up IoT-based monitoring using the Raspberry Pi as the server?

Try Machinechat JEDI, the all-in-one IoT dashboards and monitoring software application built for Raspberry Pi.


With Machinechat JEDI you can:

  • Collect data easily without coding using built-in data collectors.

  • View real-time and historical data using easy to understand dashboards.

  • Create alerts to get notified when something important happens.

  • Log data locally using the built-in time series data logger.

  • Does not depend on cloud platforms or Internet connections. No monthly subscription fees.

Receive a free license to try Machinechat JEDI for 30 days and download instructions through email by clicking the button below. We don't like spam, and we don't spam.

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