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Turn Your Sensors Converge 2024 Inspiration into Real-World IoT Solutions

Did the expo spark an idea? Don't let those ideas fade! Now you can bring your ideas to life with the new Seeed reTerminal DM and Machinechat JEDI, powered by Raspberry Pi CM4

Why Machinechat JEDI

All-in-One IoT Dashboards and Monitoring Software for Raspberry Pi CM4 and reTerminal DM

  • Native application, optimized for Raspberry Pi CM4 and Seeed reTerminal DM hardware.

  • Pay once for lifetime use. No subscriptions.

  • Own your solution and data. Get uninterrupted access to your data even without internet connection and recurring fees.

  • Single file architecture means just one file to download and run. No complex installations. No IT hassle.

  • Universal data collection from virtually any source with built-in data collectors for HTTP, MQTT, Modbus, LabJack, TCP, and even user-defined options using any programming language. Built-in JavaScript scripting engine allows you to write custom data decoders without installing external runtimes.

  • Create and present unique views of your data, exactly the way you want. Choose from a variety of built-in charts and widgets to get real-time insights or study historical trends.

  • Monitor data in real-time or at scheduled intervals. Automate your workflows by executing actions written in any programming language. Get alerts by email or Telegram and respond quickly when certain conditions occur.

  • Get complete control and ownership of your data. JEDI's open data format makes it easy for you to integrate the data with your other applications and workflows.

  • Connect to JEDI and access to your data securely from any device with a web browser. Collaborate with multiple stakeholders using JEDI's role-based multi-user access controls. Simple point-and-click and drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for anyone to turn data into insights, and insights into action.

Why Seeed reTerminal DM

Industrial-grade IoT Computer with Touchscreen, Powered by Raspberry Pi CM4

  • Combines Raspberry Pi CM4 into a rugged, industrial-grade 10.1" touchscreen computer.

  • Simplifies deployment with integrated Raspberry Pi CM4 processing power.

  • Perfect for monitoring and controlling operations on-site.

  • Built for industrial environments.

  • Plug-and-Play setup for quick deployment and immediate out-of-box use.

Why Raspberry Pi CM4

Affordable, powerful, and reliable edge compute module for Industrial IoT applications

  • Industrial-grade performance without breaking the bank.

  • Runs smoothly even in tough environments.

  • Extensive I/O options for diverse IoT applications.

  • Access vast support and endless customization options.


SALE ENDED - Exclusive 50% Off Lifetime License for JEDI Software.

Read Machinechat JEDI Documentation
Read reTerminal DM & JEDI Guide at Seeed
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Not Ready to Buy Yet?

Sensor Converge 2024 Flash Sale – Sale Ended! 

We're offering 50% off our software during Sensor Converge 2024! It's our way of helping you bring your IoT ideas to life with the powerful Raspberry Pi CM4 and versatile Seeed reTerminal DM. Don’t miss out on this chance to supercharge your projects for half the price!

Regular Price: $495

Which JEDI is Right for You

Choose JEDI One for smaller, single-user projects with limited data analysis needs. Choose JEDI Pro for larger, multi-user commercial projects.

Regular Price
One-Time License Fee. Not a Subscription.
Included Users
Number of user accounts supported by JEDI software.
Number of devices that can send data to JEDI.
Metrics per Device
Metrics are unique data points sent by a device.
Data Dashboards
Maximum number of data dashboards that are allowed by the base license.
Charts per Data Dashboard
Maximum number of charts that are allowed per data dashboard.
System Dashboards
Maximum number of system dashboards allowed by the base license. System dashboards are HMI-like dashboards.
Widgets per System Dashboard
Maximum number of data widgets that are allowed per system dashboard.
Devices for Network Monitoring
Maximum number of devices that can be monitored using JEDI's network monitoring feature.
Standard email support
Priority email support
Included support tiers. Premium support plans sold separately.

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We've got an amazing deal for you.


For Sensor Converge 2024, get JEDI One for just $49 (normally $197)!


With JEDI One, you can transform your Raspberry IoT Pi projects into real-world, professional-grade solutions that others can use.


Are you an engineer or a professional just getting started with IoT, this is the tool you need.


Limited time offer – don’t miss out! SALE ENDED.


Create, innovate, and bring your ideas to life with JEDI One!

One-Time License Fee - Not a Subscription.

Regular Price: $197

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