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Machinechat Vision

Visualize Data. Seize Control.

Your ultimate power tool for production, quality, and maintenance data monitoring.


The All-In-One Data Management Tool You Deserve

"This isn't just software; it's like having an operations command center at my fingertips"

Break Down Data Silos

Get a unified view of your operations landscape

Fuse real-time data from sensors, IoT devices, machines, and apps — all in one sleek app.

Your Decision-Making, Supercharged

Turn raw data into actionable insights

Machinechat Vision cuts the fuss, so you can zero in on results, not roadblocks.

Up and Running in Minutes, Not Days

More productivity gains, zero IT pains

A simple one-step setup on your preferred operating system — Windows, Linux, or Mac.

Zero Cloud, Zero Risk

Full control and peace of mind

Your data stays local — no cloud headaches, no web risks, no recurring subscription fees.

Your Dashboards, Your Way

Insights tailored to your unique needs

Create custom dashboards that cater to your specific operational goals. Role-based user management makes collaboration a cinch.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Real-time data at your fingertips

All you need is a web browser. Stay connected to your data, from any device, anywhere on your network.

Automate What Drains You

Say goodbye to manual drudgery

Streamline routine data workflows with built-in drag-and-drop automation builder.

Alerts That Actually Help

Stay two steps ahead

Real-time alerts via email and IM empower you to act swiftly, anticipating risks and seizing opportunity.


Easy Setup for Immediate Results

Download, unzip the file, run the application — you're up and running. No IT assistance needed. 

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Right Data. Right User. Right Time. All Under Your Control.

Visualize every data point that matters, the way you want. Plus, role-based access controls ensures each team member sees exactly what they need to perform at their best.

Data Dashboards

Your data, your way. Build dashboards that combine real-time insights, historical trends, and command controls in one view. Customize every inch to focus on what matters to you.

System Diagrams

Create intuitive, real-time system diagram dashboards right in the app. No third-party tools, no learning curve. Drag in icons or custom graphics, then overlay with live data widgets to mirror your actual processes. See your operations like never before.

Tables and Reports

Unlock a new dimension of data with markdown-enabled charts and razor-sharp tables. With markdown, you get text-based simplicity with visual depth — think dynamic flow diagrams to map out operational KPIs. See your data not just as numbers, but as an interactive story, all within the same dashboard.


Drag, Drop, and Direct Your Data — No Code Needed

Create custom data workflows with the intuitive automation editor and built-in actions. Easily integrate, transform and send data where it needs to go.


Move seamlessly from raw inputs to actionable outputs with the built-in automation editor.


Real-time Alerts that Enable Quick Decisions

React fast, miss nothing. Set up real-time alerts that give you the crucial updates you need, when you need them.

Teams Alert

Microsoft Teams Integration: Get rich, actionable alerts right where your team already communicates.

Telegram Alert

Telegram Integration: Stay in the loop even when you are out and about. Get on-the-go alerts straight to your Telegram messaging app.


Own Your Data

Experience the freedom of local data storage with Datapods — our cutting-edge data engine. We combine robust data management, smart caching, and precise time series organization. All this layered on Apache Parquet's rock-solid foundation of data integrity, compression, and columnar storage.


  • Say goodbye to data privacy worries

  • Own your insights

  • Ready for AI/ML and integration

Why Choose Machinechat Vision

Unlock Freedom. Seize Control.

Why settle for less when you can have it all in one powerful tool, specifically built for engineers like you. Imagine a world where your data is truly yours, where you call the shots, free from recurring fees or cloud limitations. It's not just software; it's your operational command center. Unlock freedom, seize control, and get stuff done.

  • Fed up with subscriptions that hold your operations and data hostage? With Machinechat VisualManager, it's a one-time investment for a lifetime of value. Zero strings. No surprises.

    • Ditch the Drain: Say goodbye to ongoing subscription fees and endless invoices.

    • Lock-In Freedom: No risk of losing access to your data.

    • What You See is What You Pay: No hidden costs or surprise rate bumps.

    In Short: A single payment, and you're good to go. It's that simple.

  • Tired of rigid cloud services and stale software that box you into their limits? Machinechat VisualManager lets you break the mold. Customize our software to serve your needs and make your ideas soar.

    • No Waiting Games: Forget eternal waits for feature rollouts on those one-size-fits-all cloud services.

    • Customize at Will: Add, adjust, and optimize — your imagination is the limit.

    • Predictable Control: Manage updates on your terms, no curveballs to disrupt your operations.

    The Bottom Line: You steer, our software follows. Machinechat VisualManager puts you in control.

  • Don't trust third-party clouds with your operational data? Machinechat VisualManager is purpose-built to run on your own hardware. Get total data sovereignty with broad hardware and OS options.

    • Isolate to Dominate: No need to expose your vital systems to the wild web. Your data stays put on your network.

    • Data Integrity, No Guesswork: Eliminate the "what-ifs" about your data's secret life in a cloud somewhere — for testing, training ML models, upselling features ...

    • Avoid the Legal Minefield: Transmitting your data to a third-party cloud can trip you up with corporate compliance, data retention rules, and ever-changing regulations. With Machinechat VisualManager, you keep your data local and side-step the hassle.

    Your Advantage: In a world rife with data scandals and fine print, Machinechat VisualManager is your private vault. Peace of mind, delivered.

  • Tired of the runaround with your overwhelmed IT, just to install or update software? Machinechat VisualManager is a one-file wonder. Just copy, run, and you're live. Need an update? Swap out one file. Done.

    • Skip the IT Queue: Get up and running on your own, fast.

    • No Need for New Hardware: Machinechat VisualManager's broad OS compatibility lets you use the hardware you already have.

    • Cut Downtime to Near-Zero: Software maintenance? Just swap one file to update or upgrade.

    Why it Matters: Zero Wait, Zero Hassle. Machinechat VisualManager lets you focus on what matters: innovation and optimization. One file gets you up and running. That's hours or even days saved.


Success Stories

“At QuantoTech we have been using the JEDI Pro software for the last 3 years for our autonomous horticulture grow systems. It has been an indispensable tool for creating high level dashboards for our clients and doing low level debug of our system. Our system is a distributed control system that communicates on a proprietary network. We have written a small application that relays  status messages from our network of embedded devices to the JEDI Pro server. Using a simple script file, we can on the fly change the granularity of data that is being forwarded and logged by JEDI Pro. This has been extremely powerful for the creation of new dashboards and software testing/debugging.  We have been able to avoid hiring expensive application/web developers to create custom debug tools and client Dashboards, allowing us to focus on our core strengths, Embedded Firmware development. Thank you Machinechat for creating JEDI Pro and filling a much-needed hole in the IoT development eco-system.”

Gary Zywiecki

Chief Technology Officer

QuantoTech Ltd.

"Machinechat's Vision is integral to our Industry 4.0 drive at Quidel Ortho. Live and historical data are now centralized from multiple production-lines. First thing you notice is the clean, simple real-time dashboards that make plant data pop. Beyond real-time dashboards and automated reports, the game-changer is the quick data integration from PLC’s to sensors to Excel files. Vision helped us maximize production. Bottlenecks and productivity issues — spotted and solved. Our process upgrades now are based on hard data, maximizing ROI. Ease of use and quick setup got us quick wins; expanding the easy implementation keeps fueling our OEE and productivity. Fast, personal support has been instrumental for us. The software is flexible enough to gel with any data workflow we've got coming from the factory."

Nigel Ramoutar

Automation Engineering and Maintenance Manager – Fluids/Assays


Use Cases

Turn Real-Time Data into Real Action

Maximize productivity, elevate quality, and zero in on maintenance with Machinechat Vision.

Visual Management

One screen, every KPI. Stay on top of your whole operation from a single visual cockpit. You see it, you act, it gets done. Run it all from one place and lead like never before.

Production Monitoring

Keep your factory's pulse at your fingertips. No more guesswork — output rates, machine utilization, you name it — all real-time. Get ahead of challenges and keep the production line smooth.

Quality Monitoring

Set a new bar for quality assurance. Spot defects before they leave the production line. Utilize data-backed insights to improve product quality and customer satisfaction. Raise your game, lower your costs.

Maintenance Monitoring

Never late, never early — right maintenance at the right time. Early alerts mean zero surprises. Keep your product line rolling without a hitch.

Elevate Your Operations Today

Unlock Data-Driven Excellence in Production, Quality, and Maintenance. Zero Monthly Fees, Zero Hassles.

Buy with confidence. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for business purchases. If you're not fully satisfied, we'll refund your payment—no questions asked.

For volume discounts, educational and maker pricing, or if you have question, please contact us.

Test drive Machinechat Vision Today.

Request a risk-free 30-day trial license today using your company email. Live Zoom demos also available.

Machinechat Vision
Pro Edition


Buy Now

Single User Only (Creator)

10 Nodes

30 Metrics per Node

5 Automations

25 Actions per Automation

5 Data Dashboards

10 Charts per Data Dashboard

5 System Diagrams

25 Data Widgets per System Diagram

10 Active Dashboards

Upgrade features anytime by purchasing feature licenses

Six months of free updates

Standard email support

Optional priority support plan

Machinechat Vision

Team Edition


Buy Now

Multi-User Support

(1 Creator, 1 Operator Licenses Included)

50 Nodes

30 Metrics per Node

15 Automations

25 Actions per Automation

25 Data Dashboards

10 Charts per Data Dashboard

25 System Diagrams

100 Data Widgets per System Diagram

10 Active Dashboards

Upgrade features anytime by purchasing feature licenses

Six months of free updates

Standard email support

Optional priority support plan


What if I need a feature that's not currently offered?

Machinechat Vision is continually evolving. We value feedback and are always looking to enhance our offerings. If there's a specific feature you need, please reach out, and we can discuss potential integrations or workarounds.

Can I get a live demonstration before purchasing?

Absolutely! We'd be happy to schedule a live demo for you. Simply contact our team, and we'll arrange a session tailored to your interests and queries.

What's the difference between the Pro and Teams version?

Vision Pro is designed for individual professionals, while the Teams version offers user management and expanded resource enablement required for larger teams and projects.

Is there a trial version available?

Yes, we offer a 30-day free trial for Machinechat Vision. Experience its powerful capabilities without any commitment.

How does Vision ensure data security?

Data security is paramount for us. With no cloud dependencies, your data remains within your control. Additionally, our software architecture is designed to prioritize and ensure data integrity and security.

What kind of support do you offer?

Machinechat provides comprehensive customer support, from technical assistance to personalization services. We also offer professional services for customization, branding, and much more to enhance your experience.

Do I need to modify my existing infrastructure to use Vision?

No. Machinechat Vision acts as an overlay, meaning you don't have to make changes to your current setup to incorporate it.

How does the one-time license fee model work?

Unlike subscription-based models, Machinechat Vision comes with a transparent, one-time licensing fee. This means once you purchase our software, there are no recurring charges.

Who is Machinechat Vision designed for?

Our primary audience is engineers and professionals working in enterprise IoT, industrial IoT, and visual management sectors. If you're looking to gain real-time insights and optimize your processes without overhauling your existing infrastructure, Machinechat Vision is for you.

What is Machinechat Vision?

Machinechat Vision is a modern industrial IoT data management software designed for digital transformation, Industry 4.0, and visual management applications. With its unique single executable file architecture, it offers seamless deployment without the need for internet or cloud dependencies.

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