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Machinechat JEDI Pro on Apple Mac

Runs on Your PC, Mac, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone

No Cloud Dependency

One-Time License Fee


Build Powerful IoT Solutions Without Coding

Your all-in-one tool for real-time data collection, dashboards, and monitoring

Block diagram of how Machinechat JEDI works. It shows data flowing in from sensors, machines, and existing applications. Role-based access to dashboards for multiple users.


From Real-Time Inputs to Insightful Outputs


Collect Data from Diverse Sources

Collect and integrate real-time data from sensors, machines, or your existing apps. JEDI's built-in data collectors enable you to quickly ingest data without complex coding or deep technical expertise. Have a custom protocol? Plug-in your own data collector written in any programming language.


Gain Deeper Insights with Customizable Dashboards

Craft intuitive dashboards to visualize data exactly the way you want for informed decision-making. Explore historical data, uncover patterns, and predict future trends. Bypass complicated setups, limited customization, and high costs commonly associated with conventional data visualization tools.

Machinechat JEDI Pro Industrial KPI Dashboard

Industrial KPI Dashboards and Machine Alerts

Monitor and manage KPIs and machine health. Stay informed with real-time alerts, allowing you to respond quickly to any issues. Get a comprehensive view of your operations, combining instant data insights with historical analysis. Elevate operational excellence through enhanced efficiency, reduced downtime, and increased productivity. 

Machinechat JEDI Pro use case in research and development lab

Research and Development Labs

Track and analyze experimental data in real-time, gaining insights that drive innovation. Simplify your analysis process using intuitive dashboards that provide clear visualizations of complex data sets. Stay informed about critical changes and make timely adjustments. Optimize your R&D workflows and accelerate your research outcomes with JEDI.

Machinechat JEDI Pro use case in remote monitoring and maintenance

Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

Experience the reliability and independence of a self-sufficient remote monitoring and maintenance solution that is free of cloud and internet constraints. With JEDI, you gain precise control over your data — select exactly what to save and for how long, optimizing your remote setup's efficiency and robustness. Create powerful and streamlined remote monitoring solutions, tailored to specific project requirements.

Machinechat JEDI Pro use case in custom solutions development

Custom Solutions for Client Projects

Elevate your client projects with a powerful, ready-to-use software solution. JEDI's customizability through configuration and branding options allows you to quickly tailor the software to each client's specific needs and brand identity, enhancing their satisfaction. Offer personalized and professional solutions with JEDI, exceeding client expectations.

Machinechat JEDI Pro use case in educational institutions

Educational Projects and Laboratories

Learn, teach, deploy IoT with Machinechat JEDI. JEDI's modular design, simple interface, and real-time monitoring capabilities make it an invaluable resource for students and educators alike. Plus, the one-time license fee makes it a cost-effective solution for educational institutions.


Transform Your Vision Into Actionable Insights

Machinechat JEDI is a versatile real-time data management tool that adapts to a variety of scenarios effortlessly. Designed to meet the demands of engineers, IoT professionals, and data enthusiasts, JEDI seamlessly integrates within your data and IoT projects.

Machinechat Partner - Tiger Labs
Machinechat Partner - DigiKey
Machinechat Partner - SparkFun
Machinechat Partner - Seeed
Machinechat Partner - Navigated Innovations
Machinechat Partner - LabJack

"We are excited to partner with Machinechat, an emerging leader in delivering easy-to-use and innovative IoT data management solutions. The majority of today's IoT projects are stalled or delayed due to the costs and complexity in developing custom software applications for each project, with as much as 50% or more of the cost to develop a prototype for developing custom software to process, store and present IoT data. Machinechat's configurable all-in-one JEDI One IoT solution enables developers to readily integrate data collection, visualization and monitoring into their IoT projects in minutes, saving them thousands of hours of custom software development."

Robbie Paul

Director of IoT Business, DigiKey

"For more than 13 years, Seeed Studio has been at the forefront of introducing innovative IoT enablement solutions. By bundling our award-winning SenseCAP LoRaWAN hardware solutions with Machinechat's innovative and easy-to-use software, Digi-Key customers worldwide will be able to build and deploy robust, private LoRa IoT deployments in days versus weeks."

Eric Pan

CEO, Seeed

“As a global provider of engineering and design services to the world’s leading technology companies, we are constantly seeking new ways to enable our customers to go to market faster with robust solutions that work seamlessly in real-world environments. Machinechat’s JEDI IoT Data Manager software is a game changing, cost-effective solution that will allow us to enable our IoT customers to deliver highly differentiated solutions that are both easier to integrate and deploy into the field.”

Jay Avula

CEO, Eximius Design


Meet Our Global Partners

One-Time License Fee for Lifetime Access

Say goodbye to recurring fees. With a single payment, enjoy lifetime access to all the features and benefits Machinechat JEDI has to offer.

No Dependency on Cloud or Continuous Internet Connections

Experience true freedom of seamless operation without the necessity of continuous internet or cloud connections, keeping your data accessible and private at all times.

Ready-to-Deploy and Ease of Use

Save time and resources with Machinechat JEDI's all-in-one design. Its broad OS and hardware support allows you to choose the platform that best suits your project needs.

Install Once, Access Anywhere

Machinechat JEDI's versatile client-server design allows you to install it once and access it from anywhere within your network. Whether on smartphones, tablets, laptops, or large-screen factory displays, all you need is a web browser to interact with your data.

Modern Web-Based User Interface

Navigate with ease through JEDI's modern web-based user interface, which offers role-based access control to streamline workflows and enhance efficiency.

Custom Branding and Professional Services

Get ahead with custom branding and professional services, catering to your unique feature requests and customizations. Make the software truly yours, aligning with your project specific requirements.


Empowering Innovators with Unmatched Ease and Efficiency


What is Machinechat JEDI?

Machinechat JEDI is a real-time data management software application that makes it easy to aggregate, transform, visualize, and automate workflows with data from IoT devices, systems, and sensors.

Do I need to have coding skills to use Machinechat JEDI?

No, Machinechat JEDI is designed to be user-friendly, allowing individuals with minimal programming experience to work with data from IoT devices. It provides a graphical user interface that simplifies data management tasks.

Is my data safe with Machinechat JEDI?

Yes, one of the key advantages of Machinechat JEDI is its ability to store data locally, reducing the dependency on the internet or cloud. This local data storage helps to ensure your data is secure.

What kind of support is available for Machinechat JEDI users?

Machinechat provides email support for JEDI users. If you have any questions or need assistance, contact our support team at

Do I need an internet connection to use Machinechat JEDI?

No, Machinechat JEDI operates without internet or cloud dependencies. This ensures that your data management tasks can continue uninterrupted even without an active internet connection.

What operating systems does Machinechat JEDI support?

Machinechat JEDI offers broad OS platform support. It works well on popular operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and various Linux distributions.

What is the key advantage of using Machinechat JEDI over other data management software?

Machinechat JEDI is a fully-integrated application that provides the ability to acquire, visualize, monitor, and transform real-time data without the need to write code or develop custom software. Its simplicity, ease of use, and affordability set it apart from other data management solutions.

Can I use Machinechat JEDI for my commercial projects?

Yes, Machinechat JEDI Pro is specifically designed for engineers and professionals who are developing commercial IoT solutions. It offers a host of advanced features for creating complex, custom IoT solutions.

What happens after I purchase Machinechat JEDI?

Once your purchase is complete, you'll receive an email with a link to download the software and a license key. You can then install the software on your device, activate it using the provided license key, and start using Machinechat JEDI. If you need any assistance, please contact

Can I share my Machinechat JEDI license with others?

Machinechat JEDI licenses are per-user licenses. This means each license is intended for use by one user. 

Can I upgrade from Machinechat JEDI Free to JEDI Lite or JEDI Pro?

Yes. Upgrading from Machinechat JEDI Free to JEDI Lite or JEDI Pro is easy. Simply purchase the license you want to upgrade to and add the license to your existing JEDI Free installation.

Can I upgrade from Machinechat JEDI Lite to JEDI Pro?

Yes. Please contact

Can I use my Machinechat JEDI license on multiple computers?

No, each Machinechat JEDI license is tied to the hardware platform on which it was activated. This means that you can only use the license on the computer or hardware device that you originally activated it on. If you wish to use Machinechat JEDI on multiple devices, you would need to purchase additional licenses. This helps us maintain the integrity and quality of our product and support services.

Can I move my license from one hardware device to another?

No, due to the fact that Machinechat JEDI does not call home or access the internet once the software is activated, there is no automated method to deactivate a license and activate it on another hardware device or computer. However, we understand that situations may arise where a license transfer is necessary. Therefore, we handle such situations on a case-by-case basis. If you find yourself in such a circumstance, please reach out to us at, and we'll be more than happy to assist you.


Stay Alert to Key Developments, Instantly

Keep a close eye on vital data in real-time. Know when important changes happen through instant alerts. JEDI's real-time data monitoring system saves you time by monitoring data shifts for you, so you're always informed without constant manual checks.

Buy Now and Save Money with Your Lifetime License for Machinechat JEDI

Invest in a Tool that Fuels Your Ambitions

Machinechat JEDI Free Edition


Single User

3 Devices

3 Metrics per Device

1 Data Dashboards

1 System Dashboards

5 Charts per Data Dashboard

5 Widgets per System Dashboard

3 Rules

3 Devices for Network Monitoring


1 Data Collector Instance per Category


- Community support

Machinechat JEDI Lite


Buy Now

Single User

10 Devices

5 Metrics per Device

3 Data Dashboards

3 System Dashboards

10 Charts per Data Dashboard

10 Widgets per System Dashboard

10 Rules

5 Devices for Network Monitoring


Unlimited data storage and retention management

1 Data Collector Instance per Category

- One-time license fee

- Six months of free upgrades

- Standard email support

Machinechat JEDI Pro


Buy Now

Multi-User Support

3 Users Included

100 Devices

10 Metrics per Device

10 Data Dashboards

10 System Dashboards

20 Charts per Data Dashboard

50 Widgets per System Dashboard

50 Rules

25 Devices for Network Monitoring

Unlimited data storage and retention management

Unlimited Data Collector instances limited by hardware capabilities

Upgrade features anytime by purchasing feature licenses

Custom branding support through easy feature license

- One-time license fee

- One year free upgrades

- Standard email support
- Optional priority support plan

Have a question, request education discount, or volume pricing?


Absolute Privacy. Total Ownership. Unmatched Freedom.

Choose Machinechat JEDI and gain unparalleled data control. Because JEDI runs on your computer, your data remains securely within your network, ensuring absolute privacy and ownership. JEDI's open data format eradicates vendor lock-ins and empowers you with unmatched data management freedom. Enjoy the liberty to manage and use your data as needed, free from recurring subscription fees.


Quick, Hassle-Free Deployment

Experience the magic of JEDI's single-file application design and get started in 3 easy steps. Everything that you need to run, update, and maintain JEDI is included in one file, with no additional dependencies. JEDI is available for Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Ubuntu Linux, Raspberry Pi OS, and BeagleBoard Debian, allowing you choose the hardware platform and operating systems that suits your unique use case.

Screenshot of a terminal window showing how to setup Machinechat JEDI in three easy steps


Success Stories

“At QuantoTech we have been using the JEDI Pro software for the last 3 years for our autonomous horticulture grow systems. It has been an indispensable tool for creating high level dashboards for our clients and doing low level debug of our system. Our system is a distributed control system that communicates on a proprietary network. We have written a small application that relays  status messages from our network of embedded devices to the JEDI Pro server. Using a simple script file, we can on the fly change the granularity of data that is being forwarded and logged by JEDI Pro. This has been extremely powerful for the creation of new dashboards and software testing/debugging.  We have been able to avoid hiring expensive application/web developers to create custom debug tools and client Dashboards, allowing us to focus on our core strengths, Embedded Firmware development. Thank you Machinechat for creating JEDI Pro and filling a much-needed hole in the IoT development eco-system.”

Gary Zywiecki

Chief Technology Officer

QuantoTech Ltd.

"Machinechat's VisualManager is integral to our Industry 4.0 drive at Quidel Ortho. Live and historical data are now centralized from multiple production-lines. First thing you notice is the clean, simple real-time dashboards that make plant data pop. Beyond real-time dashboards and automated reports, the game-changer is the quick data integration from PLC’s to sensors to Excel files. VisualManager helped us maximize production. Bottlenecks and productivity issues — spotted and solved. Our process upgrades now are based on hard data, maximizing ROI. Ease of use and quick setup got us quick wins; expanding the easy implementation keeps fueling our OEE and productivity. Fast, personal support has been instrumental for us. The software is flexible enough to gel with any data workflow we've got coming from the factory."

Nigel Ramoutar

Automation Engineering and Maintenance Manager – Fluids/Assays


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