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Want a beautiful, professional frontend for your IoT project without coding?

Ultimate IoT Dashboards

Easy, one-step installation on PC, Mac, Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone.

Quickly visualize all your data in one place with built-in charts and data collectors.

Easily send commands with built-in control widgets and custom action plug-ins.

Automatically monitor data and receive alerts with built-in rules engine.

One-time license fee.

Custom branding option available.

Receive download instructions by email and a free license to use Machinechat JEDI risk-free for 30 days.

Machinechat JEDI Overview

JEDI provides you a point-and-click interface for aggregating, visualizing and monitoring data from sensors, devices, and scattered data silos.


With JEDI engineers, solution architects and makers can transform their ideas into professional solutions without the need for a full-stack software team.

Because JEDI runs privately on your devices, and behind your firewall, you can collect and visualize data without always-on Internet or cloud connections. Unlike recurring cloud fees, you pay a one-time fee to license JEDI.

What You Can Do With JEDI

Your Other Options?

  • You could develop the software yourself...

    • Spend weeks designing the client-server application, user interfaces and APIs...

    • Spend weeks writing thousands of lines of code in multiple languages and test everything...

    • Even if you valued your time as low as $35 per hour, this could cost you at least $7000+...

  • You​ could subscribe to a cloud-based IoT platform...

    • For hobbyist-grade cloud services, you will pay  $10-$20/month...​

    • For professional-grade cloud platforms, you will pay $45-$200+/month...

    • You must have Internet for sending or accessing your data. Else, everything goes dark!

  • You could patch together a set of open source applications...​

    • Open source applications like Node-RED depend on hundreds of other open source libraries...​

    • You must maintain all the dependencies and apply any security patches urgently...

    • You must diagnose, research and fix issues yourself...

There's a quicker and easier option

Get Machinechat JEDI today!
The Ultimate IoT Dashboards for your Project.

  • A beautiful web-based GUI for your IoT project, that you can access from anywhere on your network.

  • Visualize all your data in one place using built-in charts and data collectors.

  • Send commands with built-in control widgets and custom action plug-ins.

  • Present data in a big way on large high-definition TVs using kiosk-mode (JEDI Pro only).

  • Automatically monitor data and receive alerts with built-in rules engine.

  • Stay in control and keep your data private with built-in time series data logger and data management. 

  • Works privately on your network, with or without Internet.

  • Quick one-step installation on PC, Mac, Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone.

  • No recurring subscription fees -- Just a one-time license fee.


JEDI Technical Details

Built-in Data Collectors

HTTP, MQTT v3.1 broker, Serial (CSV), TCP (CSV), Custom (via external script or process), Virtual (CSV), SparkFun OpenLog (available in SparkFun Edition).

Data Collectors Limits

JEDI One: 1 data collector per type. JEDI Pro: Multiple data collectors per type (based on available system resources and performance), MQTT broker: 1 instance only.

Data Dashboard Charts

Line, Area, Gauge, Tile.

Data Dashboard Controls

Slider, Push Button, Toggle Switch, Text Input.

Data Dashboards Widgets Limit

JEDI One: 10. JEDI Pro: 20.

Data Dashboards Limits

JEDI One: 1 data dashboard. JEDI Pro: 4 data dashboards.

System Dashboard Widgets

Tile, Text, Level, Gauge.

System Dashboard Background


System Dashboard Widgets Limits

JEDI One: 10. JEDI Pro: 50.

Rules Engine

Boolean operations on number, boolean and string data types. Support for triggering actions on data changes.

Rules Engine Action Types

Email notification, Custom Action Plug-in (external script or process).

Rules Engine Limits

JEDI One: 10 rules. JEDI Pro: 30 rules.

Email Notifications

SMTP protocol. Tested with Gmail and Microsoft Office 365 SMTP servers.

SMS Notifications

API integration with Twilio. Requires a Twilio account.

Network Device Monitoring

PING protocol.

Data Storage Format

Open CSV format optimized for storing time-series data.

Data Management

Support for selecting data for storage with configurable data retention.

User Management and Roles

Roles: admin and viewer.

User Limits

JEDI One: Single user (admin only). JEDI Pro: 10 users.

Web Browsers

Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox.

Operating Systems

Intel/AMD x86-64: Microsoft Windows 10+, Apple macOS 10.13+, Linux 2.6.32+ ARM7 32-bit: Raspberry Pi OS, BeagleBone Debian.

License Activation

Online activation requires Internet connection. Internet connection is not required for operation.

License Terms

Licenses activated on one hardware platform or OS cannot be transferred to another hardware platform or OS.
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