The all-in-one IoT software
for your BeagleBone

JEDI One lets you build IoT projects quickly and easily.
Add intuitive data dashboards, powerful rule-based data monitoring and instant alerts to your BeagleBone® projects. There is no need to send all your data to the cloud and no recurring monthly fees to pay.

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Professional IoT projects
in minutes. Not months.

JEDI One is the industry's most affordable ready-to-use, configurable application that has all the right software pieces that IoT projects need to provide a professional and compelling user experience. Now optimized for® BeagleBone®. 

Start with easy-to-configure data collectors.

With built-in HTTP and TCP servers, you can start collecting data from sensors and devices in minutes. No network programming skills required. With custom data plug-ins, you can collect data from any sensor or device.

Create beautiful dashboards with live and historical views.

Select from a variety of charts to visualize your data. You can import custom background images and layer data widgets on top to create intuitive views. Zoom-in, zoom-out, and slide through historical data to study trends.

One-Step MQTT Integration.


JEDI One's fully integrated and self-contained MQTT broker makes it easy to integrate any MQTT based device or sensor in minutes. No need to set up a separate broker or use Azure or AWS for MQTT. Just configure and go!

Automate data monitoring with rules and notifications.

Use the drag-and-drop interface to create rules to monitor data and send email or SMS notifications. Keep tabs on the status of devices with built-in network monitoring. Custom action plug-ins enable you to trigger external scripts or send data to other applications.

Store your data locally, and use it when and where you want it.

Avoid recurring monthly fees and stay in control of your data. By storing data in the popular CSV format, JEDI One makes it easy for you to use the data with other software applications.

*, BeagleBone(R), BeagleBoard Compatible(R) and Approved (R) are registered trademarks of the Foundation.

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Minimum System Requirements
Debian Buster IoT
512 MB System RAM
20 MB Flash