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Machinechat JEDI Features

Powerful Simplicity for Data Insights

Collect, Visualize, monitor, and take control of your data – your way

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How JEDI Works

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Built-in Collectors (HTTP API, MQTT, TCP, Serial)

  • Seamlessly gather data from diverse sources, including web services, IoT sensors, industrial devices, and more.

  • Eliminate the need for complex, custom-built collectors, saving development time and resources.

  • Bridge the gap between operational technology (OT) and IT systems for comprehensive insights.

Custom Data Collectors (Script Support)

  • Extend JEDI's capabilities to niche data sources or proprietary protocols via scripts in your preferred language.

  • Avoid rigid integrations and tailor JEDI to your exact data collection requirements.

  • Enable advanced data pre-processing and transformation before visualization or analysis.

Real-Time Network Device Monitoring

  • Proactively monitor device status on your network with automatic "pinging".

  • Receive immediate alerts for offline devices, streamlining troubleshooting.

  • Visualize device uptime and availability trends to optimize network performance.

Data Collection & Integration

Single Executable File

  • Run JEDI anywhere with zero dependencies or complex installations.

  • Streamline deployment and eliminate compatibility hassles.

  • Easily embed JEDI into network gateways and edge devices.

Cross-Platform Support (Windows, macOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone)

  • Choose hardware aligned with your budget and performance needs.

  • Leverage existing infrastructure and avoid vendor lock-in.

  • Future-proof your analytics with JEDI's broad compatibility.

One-Time License, Lifetime Access

  • Eliminate recurring subscription costs and ensure perpetual software ownership.

  • Budget predictably for your data analysis tools.

  • Free yourself from reliance on cloud providers and unpredictable fee increases.

Setup and Deployment

Intuitive Dashboard Builder

  • Create custom dashboards using drag-and-drop tools – no coding required.

  • Iterate quickly on visualization layouts and adapt dashboards to changing needs.

  • Empower users across your team to explore their data visually.

Diverse Chart Types (Line, Bar, Scatter, Gauge, Radial, +more)

  • Select the ideal visualization to match your data types and analysis goals.

  • Track trends, identify patterns, and uncover insights with clarity.

  • Communicate complex data effectively to stakeholders at all levels.

Data Visualization & Monitoring

Read the Documentation

Open Data Format (CSV)

  • Ensure full access to your data, even outside of JEDI.

  • Seamlessly integrate with other tools in your data analysis stack or export for long-term archival.

  • Mitigate the risks of vendor lock-in and proprietary data formats.

No Internet/Cloud Dependency

  • Operate JEDI entirely on your local network for maximum data privacy.

  • Maintain data insights and control even during connectivity disruptions.

  • Address regulatory or industry compliance requirements with ease.

Data Control & Security

Drag-and-Drop Rules Engine

  • Define rule-based triggers and actions without complex coding.

  • Automate routine tasks, saving time and reducing manual errors.

  • Implement real-time, data-driven decision-making processes.

Customizable Alerts (Email, Telegram Integration)

  • Receive prompt notifications when critical conditions are met.

  • Configure multi-channel alerts to ensure timely response from the appropriate personnel.

  • Prevent costly downtime and optimize systems based on real-time insights.

Automation & Alerts

Browser-Based Interface

  • Access and manage JEDI from any device with a web browser (desktop, laptop, mobile).

  • Enable cross-team collaboration and remote monitoring.

  • Eliminate the need for client-side software installations and updates.

Multi-User Support

  • Grant role-based access to different team members, ensuring data security and workflow efficiency.

  • Facilitate data-driven collaboration across departments and projects.

  • Customize what users can see and modify for streamlined data analysis.

User Experience & Collaboration

Customizable System Dashboards

  • Overlay real-time data on custom background images (e.g., process flow diagrams, floorplans).

  • Create intuitive, context-rich visualizations tailored to specific operations or facilities.

  • Enhance situational awareness and facilitate real-time operational insights

Control Widgets (Buttons, Sliders, Text Input)

  • Design interactive dashboards that allow users to modify parameters or send commands.

  • Enable direct interaction with devices and systems controlled by JEDI.

  • Build powerful HMI-like interfaces for streamlined control and monitoring.

Open API

  • Integrate JEDI with external systems (SCADA, ERP, etc.) via a well-defined REST API.

  • Develop custom applications or automations leveraging JEDI's data collection and visualization capabilities.

  • Extend JEDI's functionality to seamlessly fit into your existing workflows and infrastructure.

Customization & Extensibility

Compact Footprint (Less than 25 MB)

  • Ideal for embedded systems and resource-constrained devices (network gateways, edge analytics).

  • Minimize the performance impact on host devices and networks.

  • Enable JEDI deployment in environments where storage and computational resources are limited.

Efficient Data Processing & Rendering

  • Handle real-time data updates with responsiveness and minimal lag.

  • Ensure smooth visualization experiences, even with large datasets and complex dashboards.

  • Optimize JEDI's performance to match your data analysis needs.

Scalable Architecture

  • Supports increasing numbers of devices, users, and dashboards as your data analysis needs evolve.

  • Add capacity seamlessly to accommodate business growth or project expansion.

  • Future-proof your investment in JEDI with a solution that adapts to your changing requirements.

Performance & Scalability

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