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Machinechat JEDI Pricing

Invest in Real-Time Data Insights

JEDI Free Edition

  • A limited version for students, makers, and quick real-time dashboards.

  • Experience JEDI's power and potential with limitations suitable for smaller-scale projects.

  • An easy entry point for individual learning and experimentation.


  • Affordable, single-user edition crafted for makers and individuals with modest data needs.

  • Upgrade from the Free Edition for expanded functionality and increased device capacity.

  • Cost-effective solution for budget-conscious projects


  • Full-featured edition designed for professionals and teams requiring advanced features and multi-user support.

  • Unlock unlimited scalability and customization for complex, enterprise-grade deployments.

  • Maximize ROI for data-driven operations and insights.

Choose Your Edition


3 Devices

3 Metrics per Device

1 Data Dashboards

1 System Dashboards

5 Charts per Data Dashboard

5 Widgets per System Dashboard

3 Rules

3 Devices for Network Monitoring


1 Data Collector Instance per Category


- Community support

(No Data Storage)

(Single User Only)


10 Devices

30 Metrics per Device

3 Data Dashboards

3 System Dashboards

10 Charts per Data Dashboard

10 Widgets per System Dashboard

10 Rules

5 Devices for Network Monitoring


Unlimited data storage and retention management

1 Data Collector Instance per Category

- One-time license fee

- Six months of free upgrades

- Standard email support

(Single User Only)


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100 Devices

30 Metrics per Device

10 Data Dashboards

10 System Dashboards

20 Charts per Data Dashboard

50 Widgets per System Dashboard

50 Rules

25 Devices for Network Monitoring

Unlimited data storage and retention management

Unlimited Data Collector instances limited by hardware capabilities

Upgrade features anytime by purchasing feature licenses

Custom branding support through easy feature license

- One-time license fee

- One year free upgrades

- Standard email support
- Optional priority support plan

Role-based Multi-User

3 Users Included


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