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A manufacturing engineer holding a Seeed reTerminal DM showing Machinechat JEDI Dashboards

Your Industrial Data Powerhouse

Rugged, adaptable edge solution for real-time dashboards and monitoring that you can deploy anywhere. No complex coding, no cloud dependency, no subscriptions.

Transform Raw Data Into Actionable Insights – Instantly. Seeed reTerminal DM powered by Machinechat JEDI is your all-in-one Industrial IoT data hub. Collect and analyze data from sensors and machines, slash downtime, optimize resources, and boost efficiency . Deploy in minutes, not weeks, and take control of your operations.

Unlock the Power of Your Industrial Data

An engineer interacting with Machinechat JEDI dashboards on Seeed reTerminal DM

Cut Downtime, Streamline Operations

Monitor equipment health, plan maintenance, boost efficiency.

  • Track machine temperature, power, and more — in real-time.

  • Predict maintenance and minimize costly disruptions.

  • Pinpoint bottlenecks and optimize production.

  • Get instant alerts about critical equipment issues.

Craft Your Perfect Data View

Gain insights tailored to your specific needs with customizable dashboards. Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and equipment parameters in real-time. Drag-and-drop built-in charts, arrange gauges, and graphs to create a layout that prioritizes your most important metrics for at-a-glance insights. Analyze historical trends with the built-in data logger feature to identify potential problems before they escalate. Share your custom dashboards on any device, from desktops to large screen TVs and foster teamwork.

Why reTerminal DM + Machinechat JEDI

Experience the unique combination of hardware reliability, software flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

Rugged and Ready

The reTerminal DM's industrial-grade design and IP65-rated front panel thrive in harsh environments for maximum reliability and flexibility.

Instant Insights, Simplified

JEDI's drag-and-drop interface, built-in data collectors, and custom decoding make it easy to connect any device, build dashboards, and set up alerts without complex coding.

Own Your Data, Control Costs

With a one-time hardware purchase, one-time software license model, and no cloud dependencies, you eliminate subscriptions and gain full control over your data.

Effortless Deployment

Save time, eliminate complexity and compatibility issues with reTerminal DM and Machinechat JEDI. Get up and running in minutes, not weeks, without IT reliance.

Automate Actions and Alerts for Total Control

Monitor data in real-time, get notified instantly, and take decisive actions with JEDI's intuitive drag-and-drop rules engine.

Real-Time Monitoring

Set rules to continuously monitor sensor data, equipment health, and critical process parameters for instant insights.

Instant Alerts

When conditions are met, automatically send customized notifications via email, Telegram, or SMS (using Twilio integration). Ensure immediate awareness of issues.

Trigger Actions

Go beyond notifications. Execute external scripts, launch applications, or send commands to other devices upon rules activation.

Intelligent Data Logging for Actionable Insights

Securely store, manage, and access your time series data in a powerful, yet accessible format. JEDI's integrated data logging engine ensures you capture the insights you need, without sacrificing control or flexibility.

Open CSV Format

  • Avoid Lock-In: Your data is stored locally in the universally accessible CSV format, preventing vendor lock-in and ensuring long-term usability.

  • Easy Integration: Seamlessly connect JEDI's data logs to other analysis tools, databases, or custom applications. No complex exports or conversions needed.

  • Data Ownership: You retain full control and ownership of your data, always maintaining access, free of any subscriptions.

Smart Data Management

  • Customize Your Data Storage: Easily configure which data metrics to log and for how long. JEDI automatically purges old data based on your settings.

  • Optimize Resources: Reclaim storage space without sacrificing critical insights. Schedule an action to archive metrics to another storage system.

  • Efficient Organization: JEDI's structured file system leverages existing file system performance for maximum scalability and easy navigation.

Want to Experience the Power of JEDI First?

Try JEDI on your own PC, Mac, or Raspberry Pi to get hands-on experience before purchasing the Seeed reTerminal DM. Download the latest version of JEDI so that you have access to all the newest features.

Test Risk-Free

Build dashboards, create rules, and experience how JEDI transforms your data.

Set Up in a Snap

JEDI set up on reTerminal DM is as easy as copying a single file. Upgrades are just as simple — replace the file.

Seamless Transition

When you're ready, easily migrate your JEDI setup and configurations to the ruggedized reTerminal DM hardware.

Want to Dive Deeper?

Get detailed specifications, tutorials, and in-depth documentation.

Seeed reTerminal DM Specs

Get all the technical details on Seeed's official product page.

Machinechat JEDI Product Page

Learn about JEDI's features, benefits, and pricing options.

Seeed How-To Guide: Getting Started with reTerminal DM and JEDI

Find step-by-step instructions on Seeed's wiki.

Machinechat JEDI Documentation

Discover JEDI's full capabilities, tutorials, and more on the in-depth documentation site.

Ready to Supercharge Your Operations?

Now is the time to take your industrial data operations to the next level with Seeed reTerminal DM and Machinechat JEDI.

Step 1: Get Ruggedized Hardware

Purchase the powerful and ruggedized Seeed reTerminal DM from DigiKey for instant plug-and-play functionality.

Step 2: Get JEDI and Start Optimizing

Buy JEDI Pro and easily set it up on your reTerminal DM to start collecting, visualizing, and automating your industrial data.

Buy JEDI Pro

Step 1: Get Ruggedized Hardware

Purchase the powerful and ruggedized Seeed reTerminal DM from DigiKey for instant plug-and-play functionality.

Step 2: Get JEDI and Start Optimizing

Buy JEDI Pro and easily set it up on your reTerminal DM to start collecting, visualizing, and automating your industrial data.

Buy JEDI Pro

Have a Question or Request a Live Demo?

Contact us with any questions you may have about reTerminal DM or JEDI. If you'd like to see a live demo, send us a few time slots that work for you. We are in the pacific timezone.

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