The all-in-one software suite for IoT data collection, visualization, monitoring and data storage that you can integrate into your IoT solution today. Available for Microsoft Windows, Raspberry Pi OS, Linux, Apple macOS and BeagleBone.

On-Premise. Embeddable. IoT

JEDI Pro is designed to become an integral part of your IoT solution. With a footprint of less than 35 megabytes and features that rival popular IoT cloud platforms, JEDI Pro runs entirely on your ARM-based embedded hardware or X86-based computers. You are in control of your data, solution, and costs.

Collect data easily

Collect data from sensors and other data sources using the built-in MQTT broker, HTTP and TCP data collectors. For other interfaces and protocols, you can easily create your own custom data collectors in any programming language.


Store and manage data

JEDI Pro stores data in CSV format for data portability and compatibility with your other business software. You can select what data gets stored and for how long.

Monitor data and devices

Use the built-in rules engine to monitor data and devices. You can send email notifications when certain conditions are met or trigger external tools or scripts using custom action plug-ins.


Visualize real-time and historical data

Create one or more dashboards with built-in widgets. The dynamic navigation panel provides one-click access to dashboards while bringing a solution-specific look and feel to the user interface.


Single binary application

Enables simple deployment and maintenance. There are no separate tools or libraries to download, install or patch.

Multi-user web-based interface

Allows users to access the software using a web browser from anywhere on the network. With built-in user management and role-based access control, you can control what users can see and do.


JEDI Pro supports SSL for securing all management interface communication and TLS for securing MQTT data transfers.

Data dashboards

Visualize data using line, area, gauge, and tile widgets. Tile widgets can be configured to change colors and icons based on data for instant visual indications.

System dashboards

Overlay built-in widgets on custom background images you choose and create intuitive, solution-specific dashboards.

Device dashboards

Get a complete report of all the devices and selectable data. Use filters to focus on specific devices and their data.

HTTP data collector

The built-in HTTP server enables you to easily send data to JEDI Pro using a simple REST API.

MQTT broker data collector

Built-in MQTT v3.1 compliant broker with TLS and WebSockets support enables you to easily send data from sensors and devices that support the MQTT protocol.

TCP data collector

The built-in TCP server enables you to easily send data from other socket applications to JEDI Pro.

Custom data collectors

Implement custom data collection logic as a script or executable in any programming language. Use simple print statements to send data to JEDI Pro.

Device monitoring

Configure JEDI Pro to periodically “ping” devices on the network, collect packet loss and round-trip time. Use the rules engine to trigger notifications or actions on this information.

Virtual sensors

Enables you to simulate sensors to create proof-of-concepts or a demo. You can use the default sine wave data set or upload your own CSV data.

IoT Rules engine

Use the drag-and-drop rule editor and create rules to monitor real-time data. Send email notifications or trigger external scripts.

Custom actions

Custom action plug-ins enable you to execute external scripts or executables when a rule gets triggered.

Managed data storage

JEDI Pro saves data locally in open CSV format. You can configure what data gets stored, where it gets stored and for how long.

Minimum System Requirements
Intel x86 PC or server, Raspberry Pi (2B or higher) BeagleBoard® AM335x-based BeagleBone boards
Microsoft Windows 10, Apple Mac OS 10.13.6 and above, UbuntuLinux16.04 and above, AM3358DebianLinuxOS, RaspberryPiOS
8GB for x86 PC/Mac or 512MB for ARM
35MB minimum of disk or flash space for JEDI Pro application