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San Jose, California, United States - November 9, 2021

JEDI One 2.1 for Windows, Linux, Mac, Raspberry Pi® and BeagleBoard® BeagleBone Platforms Allows IoT System Integrators, Development Engineers and Makers to Add Edge-Based IoT Data Collection, Visualization, Monitoring, and On-Prem Storage to Any IoT Project in Hours vs Months; Machinechat JEDI One Software Included in Digi-Key IoT QuickStart Kit

April 5, 2021 – San Jose, CA – Machinechat, an emerging supplier of IoT solutions that dramatically reduce the cost and time spent developing and deploying IoT projects, today announced the release of JEDI One version 2.1. The newest version of the industry’s most affordable all-in-one IoT software solution includes expanded capabilities that allow system integrators, development engineers and makers to address more IoT use cases with little to no coding. New features include a fully integrated MQTT broker, expanded rule triggers and actions, and more.    


“Since launching JEDI One over a year ago, we have heard from an ever-expanding community of JEDI One users – from development engineers to system integrators to makers – who have been thrilled to have an easy-to-use software solution that allows them to rapidly build professional, field-ready IoT projects in hours instead of months,” said Sanjeev Datla, CEO of Machinechat. “With the release of 2.1 we are raising the bar once again – with features that make JEDI One even easier to use across more IoT use cases. More importantly, we have done all of this while maintaining the small application footprint and the same affordable single-license pricing.”


Delivered as a single binary that is less than 20 megabytes in size with no external library dependencies or runtime environments, JEDI One is an efficient solution for on-premise IoT data collection, visualization, and monitoring without the need for always-on Internet connections, cloud-based IoT platforms and monthly cloud fees.

Machinechat JEDI One for Raspberry Pi Available in Digi-Key IoT QuickStart Kit for Environmental Monitoring

The company also announced that Machinechat JEDI One is available in the Digi-Key IoT QuickStart Kit for Environmental Monitoring. The complete kit includes a premium license for JEDI One for Raspberry Pi and all the hardware that engineers and makers would need to build an environmental monitoring hub in about an hour.

“As the leader in delivering the widest range of best-of-breed IoT solutions, Digi-Key is committed to helping engineers and makers to rapidly translate their ideas into professional prototypes quickly,” said Robbie Paul, director of IoT business solutions for Digi-Key. “With its robust set of data management features, affordable price and ease of use, selecting Machinechat JEDI One as the IoT software for Digi-Key’s first IoT QuickStart Kit enables us to deliver an exceptional out-of-box experience to our customers.” 

About Machinechat JEDI One

Machinechat JEDI One is the most affordable all-in-one IoT software solution purpose-built to accelerate completion and deployment of IoT projects without the need for developing custom software. Machinechat JEDI’s point and click functionality dramatically simplifies the process of getting the right data from sensors and connected machines to the right applications at the right time. 

  • Single binary with no other dependencies – easy to deploy and maintain

  • Modern browser-based graphical user interface with multi-user support that allows access to JEDI One from anywhere on your network using a web browser

  • Configurable dashboards allow users to visualize data in real-time, historical and contextual system views

  • Quickly gather data from sensors and machines using integrated HTTP, TCP-based and MQTT broker data collectors

  • Custom data collector plug-ins allow developers to ingest data from any sensor, device or source using existing code or scripts in any programming language

  • Virtual data collector feature allows developers to emulate sensors

  • Integrated drag-and-drop rules engine for automated data monitoring

  • Custom action plugins allow execution of external scripts or applications in response to data conditions

  • Eliminates the time, costs and complexity of developing complex multi-threaded network communications software for communicating with multiple sensors and machines

  • Runs on-premise, allowing users to eliminate data privacy issues and costly per-device, per-byte cloud-based subscription costs

  • Local, configurable data storage gives administrators 100% control and ownership over the storage and management of data

  • Premium versions available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS for one-time license fee of $79 and for Raspberry Pi and BeagleBoard® BeagleBone™ for one-time license fee of $39. Machinechat JEDI One is available for purchase through the company’s website or Digi-Key Electronics.


JEDI One is used in IoT projects for environmental monitoring, asset tracking, asset performance management, building monitoring, and more.

About Machinechat

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Machinechat’s mission is to be the leading supplier of IoT data management solutions that dramatically reduce the cost and time spent developing and deploying IoT projects. Leveraging software-defined networking principles, Machinechat’s easy-to-use and affordable solutions enable IoT solution architects, developers and networking OEMs to quickly add data collection, processing of streaming data, data monitoring, and policy-based data management to their products and solutions. For more information or to download a trial version of Machinechat JEDI One, go to

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