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Discover how to set up your own private LoRaWAN IoT sensor network using readily available hardware and software.

In this comprehensive project guide, Scott Raeker from Digi-Key walks you through the process of leveraging Machinechat's JEDI Pro SSE (Seeed Studio Edition) application software and ChirpStack's LoRaWAN network server application.

Utilizing Seeed's Odyssey x86 Mini PC, a SenseCAP outdoor LoRaWAN gateway, and two outdoor SenseCAP environmental sensors, you'll create a powerful network without the need for a cloud component. Dive in and learn how to efficiently install Machinechat and ChirpStack applications on the Odyssey Mini PC running Ubuntu Linux for an optimal private LoRaWAN sensor network experience.

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Effortlessly Deploy a Private LoRaWAN Sensor Network with Machinechat and Seeed SenseCAP

Optimize Your IoT Data Management by Combining the Power of Machinechat and Seeed SenseCAP Solutions

Source Author: Scott Raeker

Principal FAE, Digi-Key Electronics

December 8, 2021

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