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In the rapidly progressing field of Internet of Things (IoT), environmental control systems are increasingly becoming sophisticated, enabling real-time monitoring of variables like temperature and humidity.

Scott Raeker, in the original article, presents an intricate project integrating the Arduino MKRWIFI1010 board with the Seeed SHT31 sensor board. This combination allows for detailed tracking of temperature and humidity metrics, which are then relayed to the machinechat's JEDI One IoT data collector via WiFi.

The MKRWIFI1010 board and SHT31 sensor board, when connected, form an efficient data acquisition system. The captured data is then posted to the JEDI One software, operating on a Raspberry Pi 4, via an HTTP post. This process enables the transformation of raw data into a more accessible and user-friendly format, viewable on any WiFi-enabled device.

Scott provides a comprehensive roadmap for setting up the system, beginning with the physical setup of the hardware and the installation of necessary software, before proceeding to the actual implementation. Detailed instructions are provided to establish a WiFi connection between the MKRWIFI1010 and the SHT31 sensor. The article also provides a code walkthrough that details the process of packaging sensor data in a JSON format and subsequent data transmission to the JEDI One using an HTTP post.

This article effectively demonstrates a practical implementation of IoT in environmental control, offering engineers a blueprint for creating an accessible, cost-effective, and precise temperature and humidity monitoring system. This comprehensive guide, with its careful explanations and detailed instructions, serves as an invaluable resource for engineers looking to optimize environmental conditions using IoT.

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Optimizing Environmental Control: Leveraging MKRWiFi1010 and Sensirion SHT31 Sensor in IoT Implementation

A Detailed Guide to Building a Wireless IoT-Driven Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System

Source Author: Scott Raeker

Principal Applications Engineer, Digi-Key Electronics

July 27, 2021

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