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55 IoT Kits in One – The IoT Engineer's Ultimate Toolkit

For IoT systems engineers facing the challenge of meeting rapidly evolving project requirements, SparkFun DataLogger IoT and Machinechat JEDI offer a much-needed solution. Together they help you sidestep the complexities of traditional coding and hardware setup with support for a multitude of sensors and a low-code approach. The unique combination allows you to match the pace of your ideas while they transition from concept to prototype. This article shows you how.

And here's what the combination of SparkFun DataLogger of IoT and Machinechat JEDI offers:

  • Support for 55 Different Types of Sensors: The SparkFun DataLogger IoT eliminates the compatibility guesswork with native support for over 55+ different types of sensors. Whether your project demands temperature, humidity, air quality, GPS, or a unique combination, this solution puts popular sensors at your fingertips. Say goodbye to scouring datasheets or wasting time on hardware integration.

  • No-Code/Low-Code Solution: Machinechat JEDI delivers an intuitive approach to IoT configuration. Drag-and-drop interfaces allow for rapid setup of data flows, visualizations, and real-time alerts.  JEDI lets you spend less time wrestling with code and more time crafting the core functions of your IoT solution.

  • On Demand Just-in-Time Prototyping: The true strength of this combination lies in on-demand prototyping. The DataLogger IoT's sensor support and JEDI's streamlined data management ensure you can build functional prototypes in hours versus weeks.

  • Immediate Proof-of-Concept Demo: Demonstrate the impact of real-time monitoring directly to your stakeholders. JEDI's customizable dashboards and live data visualizations help you showcase real-time IoT insights in a format tailored to the customized needs.

The Traditional Approach: An Arduous Journey from Concept to Prototype

The existing approach to IoT development is like buying one screwdriver at a time for every task in a building project. Piecing together components and platforms in a bespoke manner for each project is not only inefficient but also unsustainable. More often than not this involves,

  • Ordering parts individually based on project needs.

  • Building custom circuits to fit the specific requirements of each prototype.

  • Evaluating various IoT platforms to find one that fits the project's needs, often settling for free plans with limited functionality.

  • Developing custom software or attempting to integrate various platforms with a steep learning curve.

  • Multiple iterations due to prototype issues, subscription model concerns, or privacy issues, leading to revisions or project cancellations.

What's needed is a comprehensive toolkit that anticipates and addresses a broad spectrum of needs from the outset.

The Solution? SparkFun Data Logger IoT and JEDI Combo!

The combo is designed to make IoT development as straightforward as plug-and-play. This kit is the equivalent of a fully equipped toolbox for IoT projects and offers a myriad of advantages over the traditional approach including:

  • Comprehensive Kit: This combo provides the hardware and software needed for IoT projects in one package, eliminating the need to assemble each project from scratch.

  • Plug-and-Play Functionality: Eliminates the need for custom circuit design and extensive coding, allowing for rapid assembly and testing of prototypes.

  • Privacy and Cost Control: Without the need for expensive subscriptions, the software can operate independently of cloud services, projects remain cost-effective and private, making it more compliant with stringent corporate policies.

About Machinechat JEDI

Machinechat JEDI is a versatile IoT software application that simplifies several aspects of rapid IoT development.  Its key features include:

  • Data Collection: It acts as a powerful receiver for data from various sources, including SparkFun DataLogger IoT. Machinechat JEDI supports industry-standard IoT protocols like MQTT, HTTP, and more, making it easy to ingest the data your sensor hub is gathering.

  • Visualization: JEDI has excellent dashboard building tools. You can create custom dashboards to visualize your sensor readings in real-time, or analyze historical trends.

  • Data Analysis: It can store and manage the collected sensor data locally.

  • Alerts & Notifications: It has a rules engine that lets you set conditions for your sensor data. This allows you to get notified (email, SMS, etc.) when certain conditions occur.

How to Visualize and Monitor Data from SparkFun DataLogger IoT and Machinechat JEDI

Get your IoT project up and running in an hour with our step-by-step guide.


With time-to-market and adaptability being paramount, the combination of SparkFun's DataLogger IoT and Machinechat JEDI as an IoT kit offers a a significant leap forward in IoT development. The extensive array of sensors, a no-code setup, and the ability to rapidly prototype on demand helps you build field-ready IoT projects in hours versus weeks.



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