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The First Critical Mile of Every IoT Project

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

For most engineers, developers and system integrators, developing and deploying an IoT project can be akin to building a house from scratch – by yourself. One where you need to BYIoT (Bring Your IoT) and establish an “IoT-ready” state before you can leverage the vast array of IoT cloud services, tools and platforms.

It feels like being told that you can build your house in a great neighborhood and with a master general contractor – but only if you first harvest the lumber, build the pipes and fixtures, supply the labor, get the permits, and pre-assemble all the components first yourself. For many teams, this can translate to spending significant weeks and months (and money) custom building an integrated path between your devices, sensors, network and the cloud.

For many enterprises, this “very rough” first mile is where many IoT projects fail – running out of time, budget and resources. It is also the most critical in defining:

· What machines, sensors and devices can be networked and how future machine applications can be integrated into the network;

· What data needs to be pushed to the Cloud and data that must be integrated with on-prem business applications;

· What data must be acted upon immediately and locally;

· What data needs to be cached or stored locally and for how long; and

· How to minimize rip and replace of existing enterprise investments

When done right, a robust pre-cloud deployment model can reduce complexity, cost and put enterprises quickly on the path to positive ROI from their IoT investments. Other benefits include:,

· Establish an adaptable infrastructure for incorporating future IoT integrations and deployments

· Maximize data security, privacy and compliance by keeping data storage on-prem and/or in a private cloud

· Reduce costs and complexity by only sending necessary and pre-processed data to line-of-business applications

Simplify and Accelerate First Mile Deployment with the Right Software

To accelerate IoT projects, developers and system integrators should leverage ready-to-use IoT software applications that are

· Easy to deploy;

· Easy to configure and maintain; and

· Able to run as a service locally or in a private cloud without the need for expensive proprietary hardware platforms

Machinechat JEDI is an all-in-one single-binary IoT data management software with zero external dependencies that you can run on servers, PCs, Macs, network gateways, virtual machines and even on a Raspberry Pi or a BeagleBone.

Ready to learn more? Click here to learn how JEDI One can enable you to create a field-ready IoT POC in minutes, not months.


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