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COVID-19: Getting the Right Data

Here at Machinechat, one of the concepts we talk about is “getting the right data at the right time to the right application.” We often discuss this concept in terms of making sure that the data from the connected “Internet of Things” is timely, accurate and directed to the right source or decision-making application.

Today, the world is dealing with a global pandemic that has demonstrated very clearly that we - human beings - are very much our own connected network, where the behavior of one can have an impact on many others. In other words, we – literally, every man, woman and child on Earth – have become the “application” whereby the spread of this horrible virus can stop.

To that effort, below is a compiled list of online resources that can provide factual information related to COVID-19. We hope you find these resources useful and on behalf of the entire Machinechat team, we hope that you and your families will continue to stay informed and healthy.

International Resources

World Health Organization, COVID-19 Updates:

United States Resources

U.S. Center for Disease Control: The CDC provides the latest federal government guidelines and updates on COVID-19 mitigation and medical information in the United States.

C-Span C-Span provides unedited coverage federal government coronavirus briefings and testimony. In addition, it includes (to a limited extent) coverage of state, Canada and Europe briefings on COVID-19 developments.

John Hopkins University Coronavirus Tracker:

US County and Local Municipality COVID-19 Updates

To receive up-to-date emergency and government updates (including for COVID-19) for your local US municipality, Nixle is an excellent resource. You can sign up for free automated email and text updates for up to 5 US zip codes by going to:

State COVID-19 Resources

Click on the links below to access state-level COVID-19 information resources



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