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From Resolution to Reality: Let 2020 Be the Year of Making Your Raspberry Pi IoT Projects Come True

You’ve got an idea, a project that’s been stuck in your head for awhile. Maybe it’s building a weather monitoring station, power consumption meter or something else.

With over 30 million sold to date, Raspberry Pis offer an inexpensive and powerful way for makers, engineers and inventors to take their ideas and make them into reality…so why is it that when I talk to many developers, most of the Pis they own are sitting in their closets collecting dust?

It boils down to one thing: Time. In addition to setting up a Raspberry Pi and connecting the sensors needed for a project, most developers must also invest time and effort into the following:

  • Time needed to learn the one or more languages or programming necessary to write code to transport and translate data from project sensors’ native protocols to the Raspberry Pi

  • Time needed to program the Raspberry Pi to visualize and monitor the data in a meaningful way

  • Time needed to create a rules engine for automatically monitoring the application data

Data is the oil that feeds and allows applications to be actualized – but you shouldn’t have to reinvent a pipe every time you want to build a new type of rig. At Machinechat, our focus over the last year has been on creating a simple software solution that enables developers to focus more time on their idea (and making it brilliant) than on having to spend valuable time and effort on writing custom code to get the data from their project collected, visualized, and monitored.

With Machinechat’s JEDI One single binary, developers can start collecting, visualizing and monitoring sensor data via their Raspberry Pi within minutes of connection. Even better, data is easily transformed – with zero programming or coding time spent – into beautiful data or system view charts that deliver the polished, sophisticated look your project idea deserves. (After all we’re in 2020, not 1984.)

Additional features include:

  • Drag and drop rules monitoring that allow for email and SMS notifications

  • You own your data – no need to have your data pushed to the cloud or controlled on someone else’s cloud service.

  • No subscription fees – JEDI One is free or you can upgrade to our premium version for a one-time license fee of $39.

As a 20+ year veteran working with tech companies, I’m convinced that the next great idea won’t come from a large tech behemoth…but from developers who are equipped with affordable, robust solutions and tools that allow them to transform their ideas from “resolutions” to reality quickly. With Machinechat JEDI One, we hope to enable today’s makers, engineers, and inventors to do just that by delivering the world’s best data collection, visualization and monitoring software solution.

Click here to learn more about Machinechat JEDI One for Raspberry Pi and to download a free copy. Join our Monitoring in Minutes contest and you could win a $100 Amazon or Visa gift card!



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