Top 5 data visualizations used in IoT projects

Data collection is a key function of IoT projects. Data is used for analyzing trends, observing status, finding anomalies, and generating reports. Status data provides the current snapshot of a process or activity. Analyzing trends can reveal new opportunities to improve efficiencies or understand behavior. Finding anomalies can predict and prevent failures.

Dashboards are the most common way for operators, managers, and data analysts to visualize status and trends. There are hundreds of ways to represent data visually on a dashboard using charts and widgets. The type of chart or widget you choose depends on the target application of the data such as viewing status, studying trends, or finding anomalies. There are a few charts and widgets that are commonly used because of their simplicity and ease of understanding. In this post we review the top 5 charts and widgets that are most used in creating IoT dashboards.

Tile Charts