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How to Rapidly Build Deployable IoT Prototypes with Machinechat JEDI One

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

One of the advantages of Machinechat's JEDI One software is how it can speed the rapid prototyping process by enabling engineers, integrators and developers to incorporate all-in-one IoT data collection, visualization, monitoring and alerts into their projects in minutes. (Check out this video to see our Head of Platforms Daryl Miller do this in less than 10 minutes!)

When it comes to prototyping, there's nothing more thrilling than being able to deliver a working prototype or POC that your target audience can interact with and understand intuitively. In business, having a prototype that looks and works like a pilot ready product can be the key difference in whether your idea is embraced with excitement (and adopted)...or with "What's that?" or "How's this going to work?"

Recently, we were thrilled to hear about how an engineer at a US national laboratory used our software and ready-to-use IoT hardware components (including some cool parts from our friends at SparkFun Electronics) to rapidly build a low cost, modular solution for testing flight and space equipment. The video above provides a quick overview of the use case.

At Machinechat, we're driven by the vision of making the promise of IoT accessible to everyone - whether it is an engineer with an idea for a new product or innovation, a system integrator who is trying to enable their customers to deploy quickly IoT projects or a maker looking to build their own solution.

If you can dream it, our software can help you deliver a professional and polished prototype in minutes (versus months). Learn more about our products here. Looking for some inspiration or ideas? Check out our Help Center.


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