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Let's Make IoT Data Visualization & Monitoring Affordable and Accessible Now

In our previous blog, we discussed how to eliminate the technical complexities around collecting IoT data, one of the six steps that connected device and sensor data must go through to be transformed into meaningful action and ROI.

Once IoT data can be collected, it must be:

  • Monitored to allow for quick response to changes and remediation.

  • Visualized to observe trends and diagnose issues.

Today, many IoT solution architects and developers must choose between either:

  1. Spending several months and thousands of dollars in developing UI, frontend and backend code for building custom data monitoring and visualization applications for each IoT project; OR

  2. Committing to a cloud-based IoT platform and dealing with:

    • Fitting into a one-size-fits-all platform

    • Ongoing bandwidth costs

    • Recurring subscription fees

    • Lack of control over upgrade cycles, forcing expensive field updates and support, warranty resets and re-training, subscription fee hikes

    • Complex and always changing privacy policies

    • Vendor lock-in for the life of the IoT solution

Bottom line: the existing options for most IoT solution architects and developers are often complex, inflexible and prove to be quite expensive over time - definitely beyond the reach of most organizations that can benefit the most from IoT.

IoT Data Monitoring and Visualization Should be Accessible and Affordable To All

Organizations that have deployed IoT solutions continue to benefit from reduced operational costs, improved quality and enhanced customer experience.

For every organization to realize the benefits of deploying IoT solutions, an IoT data monitoring and visualization software must be:

  • Read-to-use, but configurable to adapt to the use case

  • Deployed in the network or on-premise to save on bandwidth costs and comply with data privacy laws

  • Provide control over software upgrade cycles

Ready-to-use solutions like Machinechat’s JEDI One software, deliver an all-in-one experience for data collection, monitoring and visualization that is:

  • Deployed in the network or on-premise

  • Configurable to support multiple data collection protocols, data monitoring rules and data visualization dashboards - without the need to change device or sensor hardware or firmware

  • Upgradeable when the customer and target environment is ready, through a perpetual license - not an all-or-none ongoing subscription

  • Easy to bring data in or take data out of the system through the use of open data formats



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