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The Industrial Eye: Achieve Operational Insights with Ease

An engineer holding Seeed reTerminal DM showing a dashboard created with Machinechat JEDI
Seeed reTerminal DM powered by Machinechat JEDI

Maximize Visibility, Minimize Downtime

Imagine if you could clearly see every aspect of your factory floor, identifying problems before they cause costly downtime. That's the power of the Industrial Eye — a solution combining the adaptable Seeed reTerminal DM and the powerful Machinechat JEDI software.

Uncover The Hidden Data in Your Machines

Your machines hold a wealth of valuable data. The Industrial Eye unlocks that data transforming it into actionable insights. Place this versatile solution anywhere — on equipment, your wall, or even your desk — to monitor everything from production output to energy usage.

A collage of Seeed reTerminal DM mounted on a wall and mounted beside sensors in a greenhouse
Your Data, Your Way, Anywhere

Break Down Data Silos, Empower Your Team

Tired of juggling spreadsheets and disparate systems? The Industrial Eye seamlessly integrates data sources across your facility, creating a single, centralized view of operations. Equip everyone on your team with tailored dashboards for faster, more informed decision-making.

How Does It Work?

The Industrial Eye acts as your always-on data translator, collecting information from every corner of your facility. It pulls data from factory sensors, machines, and more, delivering a comprehensive, real-time picture of your operations.

A block diagram showing sensors connected to reTerminal DM
Seeed reTerminal DM running Machinechat JEDI: System Diagram

Tailored Insights: See What Matters To You

Forget rigid, off-the-shelf dashboards. The Industrial Eye puts you in control. Easily create customized display using Machinechat JEDI's drag-and-drop interface. Give your team the data they need, in the format that's most helpful:

  • Operators: Real-time production, status, and quality metrics.

  • Managers: Track KPIs, trends, and resource usage at a glance.

A collage showing different charts and dashboards rendered by Machinechat JEDI
Machinechat JEDI Dashboards: Real-Time Data and Historical Trends

From Insights To Action: Optimize And Prevent

Visibility is powerful, but true transformation comes from acting on that visibility. The Industrial Eye helps you:

  • Prevent costly downtime: Set up custom alerts for equipment issues, production shortfalls, etc.

  • Optimize proactively: Identify patterns and bottlenecks for continuous efficiency gains.

  • Lay the foundation for automation: Trigger corrective actions based on alerts and data (with potential for further automation).

"At Quanto Tech, we have been using Machinechat JEDI Pro software for the last 3 years for our autonomous horticulture grow systems. It has been an indispensable tool for creating high level dashboards for our clients and doing low level debug of our system" — Gary Zywiecki, CTO Quanto Tech Ltd., Canada.

Ready to achieve operational excellence? Learn more about the Industrial Eye solution today!



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