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Improving Livestock Production Outcomes with Ready-to-Use IoT

Temperature, air and water quality, resource consumption, and soil/feed conditions are just some of the elements that must be carefully managed to deliver healthy, quality livestock production outcomes. As the Earth's climate continues to change, it becomes even more important for livestock farmers to be able to adapt quickly.

IoT technologies can enable livestock farmers to more accurately assess, monitor and adjust for changing environmental conditions in real-time, as well as identify what trends can help optimize and improve production outcomes.

The challenge? How to deploy a secure, affordable IoT project quickly can be a daunting task. Using ready-to-use hardware and IoT software, like Machinechat, system integrators and developers can quickly build and deploy projects in days (versus months) that can allow farmers to collect, monitor, manage and visualize data from sensors deployed in local livestock operations.

In our latest use case (developed with our friends at Seeed Studio and makers of the ready-to-use industrial SenseCAP LoRa sensors and gateways), we show how developers can quickly deploy a secure, affordable LoRa IoT solution to monitor and optimize commercial livestock farm conditions that can deliver improved resource utilization, improved livestock health and quality, and reduced labor costs.

Want to learn more? Download the use case here.

LoRa MC SS Use Case - Precision Farming - Livestock Health final
Download PDF • 791KB


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