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Build Smart(er) Agriculture with On Premise IoT Software

From farms to commercial greenhouses, IoT technologies are increasingly being used to help to enable more efficient resource allocation, reduce water consumption, optimize human labor and increase the quality and quantity of crops. Deploying the right hardware -from sensors to drones to RFID tags- is just the first step; being able to collect, monitor and manage IoT data workflows (and making sure that the right data gets to the right application at the right time) from all these devices is key to harvesting value from any IoT deployment.

Agricultural enterprises often consist of a heterogeneous network of sensors and devices that must be able to operate under a wide variety of environmental conditions and monitor everything from soil conditions, light levels, water usage and equipment assets. As the FDA and other agencies around the world move towards requiring farmers to incorporate more technologies to ensure food safety, system integrators and developers will face more complexity in trying to build scalable IoT projects.

On-prem IoT software, such as Machinechat’s JEDI One, enables system integrators and developers to quickly deploy data collection, visualization, monitoring, rules and notifications, and local data storage without the need to spend weeks and months developing custom software and applications. More importantly, by normalizing and managing data within the local enterprise, data security is enhanced and cloud data processing costs are reduced.

Want to read more? Download our latest environmental monitoring use case by clicking below.

Environmental Monitoring-Greenhouse Use Case
Download PDF • 878KB


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