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Top Three Reasons Why Companies Should Invest in Bundled IoT Solutions

A recent EWeek article predicted that bundled IoT solutions would be on the rise in 2022. As more and more enterprises - from small to large - seek to put their IoT projects into production faster, using these ready-to-use IoT solutions simply makes sense.

The Time for Leveraging Bundled IoT Solutions is Now.

Today's ready-to-use bundled IoT solutions help address the three key IoT deployment challenges:

  • Technical Complexity. Just getting from idea to a field-ready IoT prototype requires thousands of workhours and multiple technical disciplines. Bundled IoT solutions enable organizations to focus their attention on configuring finished components versus reinventing the wheel. The bottom line: you can build and deploy your IoT project faster without the need for an army (or learning to be an expert in everything).

  • Time to Production and ROI. Time spent on an IoT project is also more time spent to achieve return on investment. For small to middlemarket companies, spending a year to find out that your IoT project isn't optimized and delivering the results you needed can have devastating consequences to your bottom line. (Nowadays even larger companies or traditionally "build it from the ground up" organizations like aerospace/defense are recognizing the value of using "off the shelf" and ready-to-use components to go to market faster.) Pre-integrated bundled IoT solutions - such as Digi-Key's Private LoRaWAN-in-a-Box - allow developers and organizations to build and deploy in days...enabling companies to realize ROI in weeks versus months or years.

  • Cost of Ownership. More and more companies are realizing that the build it yourself (or custom) route can not only be costly in terms of the technical resources and time required - but also in maintaining, updating and expanding these proprietary projects over time. Making a change or expanding an IoT project is much easier with bundled IoT solutions which can be readily purchased and configured to your IoT infrastructure/network (versus custom built and coded). And on-premise all-in-one software solutions like Machinechat's JEDI Pro can further contain your costs by enabling you to control your data locally - without the need for on-going subscription and cloud processing costs.

Ready to Learn More? Register for the March 31 Digi-Key Webinar Today!

For system integrators, IT, IoT developers and engineers interested in deploying projects with limited budget, time and resources, Machinechat will be co-hosting a webinar on March 31st with our friends at Digi-Key and Seeed Studio.

The webinar will cover the following:

  • Advantages of private LoRaWAN in IoT

  • How using ready-to-use hardware and software can eliminate the complexity and costs of commercial IoT project development

  • Technical demonstration and use cases


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